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Enrollment Policy

If a parent or guardian (collectively referred to as "Parent") wants to enroll his/her student, the parent must submit a completed online registration packet during our enrollment period for each student wishing enrollment. A complete and timely online registration packet is required to ensure that the student will be included in the lottery. A lottery will only be required if the number of students wanting to enroll exceeds the number of seats available at the school.

Students will be considered for admission without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, or physical disability. Kid's Community College® is open to any student in the grades offered at a KCC campus and any student covered in an inter-district agreement with the School District. Kid's Community College® has an open admissions procedure, utilizing a "first come, first served" policy. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, class, or grade level, then applicants will be placed in a lottery. Pursuant to Section 1002.33(10)(d)(i), Florida Statutes, preference will be given to siblings of students currently enrolled in Kid's Community College®, students who have been admitted to the charter school through an appropriate admission process and remain in attendance through subsequent grades and children of employees or Board Members. In addition, preference may be given to students residing within a "reasonable distance" of the school. The student positions remaining after the application of any legal preferences will be considered the number of open positions available in the lottery.

Pursuant to Section 1002.33(10)(d)(j), Florida Statutes, students may withdraw from Kid's Community College® and at any time enroll in another public school as determined by school board policy. All students will be required to adhere to the Hillsborough County School District and State of Florida policy regarding student health examinations and inoculations.

Kid's Community College® will close the enrollment period at 4pm on March 30 of each year and if needed, a lottery will be held in the Spring, the date for which will be advertised.

Admissions General

As a school of choice, KCC requires that parents be actively involved in the school and in their child's education. A Home/School Compact must be completed by the parent for each student in attendance. This compact outlines some of the school, parent and student expectations, which will be consistent with the school's mission and purpose. Under Florida Law, Kid's Community College® may deny re-enrollment to a student whose parent has failed to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the Home/School Compact for the previous year or the Student Handbook.

Application Process

The following represents an overview of the process for acceptance into Kid's Community College®:

  • Submit a complete online registration packet for admission
  • Enrollment period closes at 4p on March 30 (applications are accepted throughout the year)
  • Lottery Process held in the Spring of each year if the number of eligible applicants exceeds the capacity of the programs, class, grade level, or building. Lottery date will be advertised on the school website and via email to all applicants
  • Student advised of enrollment status. Parent has five (5) business days to accept position by completing a full application along with a Home School Compact requiring both the parent and student signatures.
  • Student family entrance interview scheduled
  • Student submits authorization for official school transcripts and/or placement test scores. A home school student shall submit a portfolio of academic work.

Kid's Community College® will reserve the right to limit students by program, class, or grade level.


Although a student may apply at any time, applications for the upcoming school year will be accepted during the enrollment period. All student applicants whose complete application is received prior to 4pm on March 30 will be considered an eligible applicant for the upcoming school year. If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the capacity of the programs, class, grade level, or building, applicants shall be placed in a lottery. Any student not selected from the lottery with a complete submitted online registration packet will be placed on a waiting list. Any student not admitted prior to the beginning of the upcoming school year will be placed in the lottery pool for the following school year. In the event that a student space becomes available during the school year, students with a complete application will be selected from the waiting list.


Parents must completely fill out and submit an online registration packet through the Kid's Community College® website during the enrollment period. The online registration packet initiates the enrollment process and enters the child into the lottery. If a lottery is not required, the enrollment procedures described in the Application Process will be followed. Parents must complete the online registration packet and click the submit button. An electronic receipt will be generated and sent to the parent stating that Kid's Community College® received the registration. If you do not receive an electronic receipt, you are not registered. Each online registration packet will be assigned a system-generated number that will be used for enrollment and lottery purposes. To receive help with the online registration packet, please contact registrations@kidscc.org

Lottery Procedures

All complete online registration packets submitted by the deadline will be pooled, by grade. An electronic system will generate a random order of students. Kid's Community College® will use grade levels for purpose of determining an enrollment cap per grade level.

Each student who submits a complete online registration packet will be placed in a electronic pool and randomly drawn, on the approved lottery date until the available slots are filled. The drawing continues until all students are drawn and a waiting list will be generated based on the order in which they were drawn. Lottery numbers are directly correlated to the numbers on the online registration packet. Lottery applicants will be notified in writing regarding their placement as a result of the lottery process.

A student may apply for one slot only. Students who apply for more than one slot will be removed from the lottery. A student must apply using his/her legal name. Using an alias could result in disqualification from the lottery or dis-enrollment at a later date.

Acceptance Period:

Upon notification of selection, student families will have 5 days to accept their position. A signed acceptance letter must be faxed to 1-866-511-7193 or hand delivered to the school's administration office within the 5 day acceptance period or the child's spot will be relinquished to the next student on the waitlist.

Entrance Interview and Admission Packet

Upon notification of acceptance, the parent and student are required to attend an entrance interview. These interviews will be scheduled within a few weeks of the drawing. At the interview parents will receive an admission packet and be given an entrance interview to ensure the student is placed appropriately into their individual learning program. Parents must provide a birth certificate, updated immunization records or Certificate of Religious/Conscientious Objection to Immunization, Social Security number, proof of residence, in addition to filling out all required admission forms.

Waiting List Procedures

Students who are not selected through the lottery and have submitted a complete online registration packet will be placed on a waiting list. As openings become available the next in line on the waiting list will be notified of the opening by email and a phone call. The parent will be given five (5) business days to accept the student's position and to complete the admissions process. If the parent does not respond within five (5) business days, the slot will be offered to the next student on the waiting list and so on. If a student is on the waiting list and he/she declines a slot when offered, he/she will be removed and be required to submit another complete online registration packet in the process described above. If there is a waiting list from the previous enrollment period those students will be placed in the lottery for the upcoming year and a new waiting list will be generated.

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