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Orange County Elementary Campus
1450 Citrus Oaks Ave
Gotha, FL 34734

Phone: (407) 982-2421

Grade Levels Served:
  • Graduates (Kindergarten)
  • Master's Specialist I (1st Grade)
  • Master's Specialist II (2nd Grade)
  • Master's Specialist III (3rd Grade)
  • Master's Specialist IV (4th Grade) - 2014
  • Doctorate I (5th Grade) - 2015
Total Students Served: 126

2011-12 School Grade: Not Yet Graded  Points: Not Yet Graded
(2011-12 State of Florida Grading Scale: A=525 or Above; B=495-524; C=435-494; D=395-434; F=Less than 395)
School Accountability Report: http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/default.asp

Director of Charter Operations: Dr. JoAnn Redden - jredden@kidscc.org
Board Chairman: Kenneth Scarborough - kscarborough@kidscc.org
Finance/Registrar: Vickie Sanders - vsanders@kidscc.org
Administrative Assistant: Matt Richardson - mrichardson@kidscc.org
ESE/Data Analyst: Tricia Moncur - tmoncur@kidscc.org
Parent Liasion: call (407) 982-2421

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About KCC Charter Orange County Campus

Kid's Community College® is excited to announce its first TUITION FREE elementary public school of choice in Orange County (Orlando) Florida!

Approved by the Orange County School Board in October 2010, the Kid's Community College® Orange County campus will be a 501c3 non-profit organization that will follow the proven, successful model of its Tampa predecessors. The brand new 6,000sf Dr. Philips/Windermere/Ocoee area campus is scheduled to open its doors for the 2012-2013 elementary school year and will serve a maximum of 108 student families in kindergarten through second grade during its inaugural year. Each subsequent year, the Orange County campus will follow the strategic growth pattern of the nationally accredited, A+ rated KCC model and add an additional grade each year until the school reaches its full projected capacity of 232 students by 2014-15. Placing value in high-quality over enrollment quantity, the high performing educational institution expects enrollment to fill quickly. Parents interested in pre-enrolling should ENROLL HERE. Educators interested in applying for professorship can APPLY HERE.

The Kid's Community College® Orange County Campus is a logical expansion of the continued success of the Kid's Community College® Charter School brand. Kid's Community College® has been an A+ rated school every year since grading eligibility except one, has won numerous awards and is nationally accredited. KCC preschools are also nationally accredited and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as centers of educational excellence. Having over 7 years experience in successfully expanding the KCC brand, KCC Orange County is poised to meet the same high standards of student achievement, organizational accountability and community involvment as its other Floria counterparts.

Rooted in Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, KCC believes that, 'All children are born with unique gifts. The healthy functioning of our community depends on its ability to uniquely develop each one.' Our 'Dedication to the well-being and educational success of EVERY child.' is further defined in our EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY , MISSION, VISION, VALUES and PURPOSE. A knowledgeable and committed Governing Board, passionate and knowledgeable professors, courteous and friendly administrative staff, full adherence to Florida's small class size initiative, involved Campus Advisory Board, required and encouraged parental involvement and strong community support are hallmarks of each KCC campus. The strong academic and development program of KCC Orange will be complemented by the Impact Children for Life Before/After School Club which provides children with a safe and engaging environment full of experiences and opportunities to develop strong, responsible characters and positive habits through a variety of fun and enriching clubs. Designed to instill virtue, improve self-confidence, enhance socialization, improve physical fitness and nutritional habits and foster a community and helping spirit, ICFL endeavors to have a long-term, positive impact on how children feel about themselves, their family, their community and how they relate to each other.

CONTACT US to learn more about Kid's Community College® Orange County.

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