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Riverview South Elementary Campus
10030 Mathog Road
Riverview, FL 33578

Phone: (813) 671-1440

Grade Levels Served:
  • Graduates (Kindergarten)
  • Master's Specialist I (1st Grade)
  • Master's Specialist II (2nd Grade)
  • Master's Specialist III (3rd Grade)
  • Master's Specialist IV (4th Grade)
  • Doctorate I (5th Grade)
Total Students Served: 340

2011-12 School Grade: B  Points: 521
(2011-12 State of Florida Grading Scale: A=525 or Above; B=495-524; C=435-494; D=395-434; F=Less than 395)
School Accountability Report: http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/default.asp

Director of Charter Operations: Karen Seder - kseder@kidscc.org
Assistant Director - Lower School: Martha Caballero - mcaballero@kidscc.org
Assistant Director - Upper School: Molly Deskins - mdeskins@kidscc.org
Data Processor/Administrative Assistant: Keli Pellicer - kpellicer@kidscc.org
Registrar/Administrative Assistant: Nitika Kilpatrick - nkilpatrick@kidscc.org
Finance/Administrative Assistant: Kim Aguilar - kaguilar@kidscc.org
Parent Liasion: Melanie Parker - mparker@kidscc.org or call (813) 758-3771

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About Riverview Elementary Campus

Kid's Community College® Riverview Elementary Charter School, a tuition-free, non-profit organization, opened its doors during the 2005-2006 school year as the first Kid's Community College® charter school offering.

With the exception of one year, the Lake Saint Charles Riverview Elementary campus has been an 'A' school with over 92% of its students passing FCAT reading and math at Level 3 or higher. This is accomplished through the influence of the dedicated and committed KCCCS Governing Board, professional teaching and administrative staff, adherence to Florida's small class size initiative, our parent-driven Campus Advisory Board, required and enforced parental involvement, and strong community support. Each KCCCS student family must faithfully volunteer a minimum of twenty hours per student annually and must agree to other high-standards that support the mission and goals of the campus.

Like all KCC campuses, the Riverview Lake Saint Charles school believes that early success is the key that establishes the foundation for life-long, personal success. Our Impact Children for Life Before/After School Club provides children with a safe and engaging environment full of experiences and opportunities to develop strong, responsible characters and positive habits through a variety of fun and enriching activities. Designed to instill virtue, improve self-confidence, enhance socialization, improve physical fitness and nutritional habits and foster a community and helping spirit, ICFL endeavors to have a long-term, positive impact on how children feel about themselves, their family, their community and how they relate to each other.

In 2012, the Lake Saint Charles campus will be locating to its brand new, 50,000 square foot, 4.5 acre campus just west of the Lowe's Home Improvement Center near Gibsonton Drive and 301. The address of the new facility is 10030 Mathog Road, Riverview, FL 33578. The campus will also house KCC Riverview Middle and KCC Preschool South. Construction of the new campus has begun and will be complete by July 2012. With each oversized (600+ square feet) classroom offering smart boards, a 3,600sf "cafetorium" and performing arts (including music, drama, dance and voice), science and technology labs, the new campus remains true to the Kid’s Community College® mission of individualized attention by relegating its total campus student population to only 636 students in grades preK - 8.

Competition for the open 2012 teaching and student positions is expected to be great. The high performing educational institution expects enrollment to fill quickly. Students in KCC programs are individually motivated and encouraged to perform at an advanced level, are held to a higher standard and the institution enjoys an extremely high satisfaction rating with parents. The new preK-8th grade facility anticipates only 125 openings for the 2012 school year. Open enrollment for prek - 8th grade has begun for the much anticipated August openings. Parents interested in enrolling are encouraged to apply early by visiting www.kidscc.org/register or stop by the Riverview elementary or middle school campuses currently located at 6528 U.S. Hwy. 301 South, Suite 114 (Middle) or 10530 Lake Saint Charles Boulevard (PreK and Elementary), both in Riverview. Interested educators can apply by clicking the www.kidscc.org/careers link.

To add to the excitement a new facility, Kid’s Community College® Southeast Hillsborough County, was approved by the School District in December of 2011. The South East Campus adds a fifth Kid’s Community College® campus in Riverview and will follow the International Baccalaureate PYP programme of study.

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