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Kid's Community College® admitted its first undergraduate students in March 2003. The opening of its Lake St. Charles campus in Riverview, FL marked the culmination of a concerted visionary effort to establish a new independent institute of higher learning and quality care for early learners.

Today, Kid's Community College® is recognized as a nationally accredited premier preschool and advanced elementary and middle public school of choice, offering undergraduate (preschool), graduate (elementary), master specialist (middle) and vocational (supplemental educational service) programs. Premiere caregiving, individualized instruction, technology and teaching meaningful and relevant to each student's distinct, practical world is our primary focus. The college is committed to generating, disseminating and preserving knowledge and to utilizing multiple delivery methods to bring this knowledge to our students. We are dedicated to providing our students with an educational experience that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse curriculum and thematic learning environment.

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