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It's Their Lives

Whether your child is ready to start a program for the 1st time or you're considering a provider change, entrusting a facility with the care and education of your child is an extremely important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider when selecting a program and finding the right match is crucial to the overall development of your child.

Since it's March 10, 2003 opening, Kid's Community College instantly positioned itself as a market leader in premiere caregiving, developmental and educational services. Already boasting a consistent 97% enrollment and an active waiting list, our business mission has remained simple... to be the standard by which other programs are judged.

What types of student families have enrolled at Kid's Community College?

Our student families are made up of individuals who refuse to compromise on the quality of care and education that their children receive. People who recognize the long-term benefits of enrolling in and becoming a part of a new and exciting, unprecedented concept that makes the traditional approach to "child day care" obsolete. Parents who demand excellence and won't settle for anything less when it comes to the well-being and educational success of their children.

For decades community colleges have existed to prepare young minds to excel at a greater level - many times providing the 1st step towards access to institutions of higher learning. Kid's Community College is an extension of that basic principle. We exist to provide an alternative to traditional infant, day and after school care that not only meets your childcare needs, but also provides an activity based learning environment that is used in many major colleges, universities and vocational centers around the nation. We offer a modified college community of professional care givers with the credentials to not only enhance your child's early developmental, social and motor skills, but to also teach them advanced studies in technology and the arts and sciences found at institutions of higher learning.

Kid's Community College, the 1st degree your child will receive from an institution of higher learning.

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It's Their Lives
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