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Educational Philosophy

The Kid's Community College® Educational Philosophy is built on a simple principle: "Every student is a unique individual with unique needs, capabilities and desires." Our philosophy is strengthened by the following core values:

  • Student's use of their preferred method of intelligence must be recognized, encouraged, respected and developed
  • Instructional activities should appeal to different forms of intelligence
  • Early developmental and academic success is the key to a foundational love of lifelong learning
  • Education and development must be personalized

Our objective is to ensure that all students will be given every possible opportunity to develop their individual intellectual curiosity, physical well-being, moral values, self-esteem, artistic appreciation and expression, interpersonal skills and academic abilities.

We recognize that each student has a unique learning style and will benefit from each professor's use of a variety of innovative instructional methods and strategies to enhance learning and personal development. We promote a learning environment that accommodates and excites all learners and that teaches children how to learn. The 1st Degree Learning System™ at Kid's Community College® incorporates the Multiple Intelligence Principles of Howard Gardner with a differentiated, individual, developmentally appropriate and thematic instructional approach. Concurrently, we promote a spirit of community, cooperation and inter-dependence in which every child's contribution is recognized, valued, and rewarded.

We are dedicated to encouraging and promoting the professional development of the staff and administrators in order to create and sustain this environment. We recognize the importance of families as the primary developmental arena for each child and promote an active collaboration among families, business, other schools and the community, which will serve to strengthen the effectiveness of the high quality education we strive to offer.

Kid's Community College® is committed to producing graduates with superior foundational academic knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our curriculum and instructional approaches are designed to help our students excel in and exceed state and national benchmarks in all disciplines. Our pedagogy emphasizes content and style in both individual and small group settings. Our professors are encouraged to use their individual creative styles in the pursuit of academic excellence. Kid's Community College® is "dedicated to the well-being and educational success of EVERY child."

It's Their Lives
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