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Our Mission

Kid's Community College® is a nationally accredited (NAC, NCA-CASI AdvancED) premiere national provider of high-quality nurturing and learning environments that prepare early childhood, elementary and middle school students to excel developmentally and academically.

We dedicate ourselves to the well-being and educational success of every child by taking a leadership role in providing top-rated high-quality care giving services, higher learning, community enrichment and promoting cultural diversity. We direct our activities toward student success by offering a strong foundational system of learning taught to the specific learning modality of each student we serve, using Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory as the basis of our educational approach. KCC integrates curricula and State aligned readiness criteria with Multiple Intelligence Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS) to develop Individual Development and Education Plans (IDEPs) that are used to instruct to the unique learning modality of each student. The MIDAS profile and IDEP serve as the BEGINNING of a dialogue that maximizes motivation, allows the formation of action plans to focus efforts and for the most effective use of the curricula for the student. Progress monitoring and assessments are used to plot the best direction by noting past accomplishments (and difficulties) and the current strengths and weaknesses to chart the most effective course of action. Using these tools, our educators facilitate education and instructional experiences that maximize the effective use of strengths and target areas of developmental need to ensure optimal student success.

By utilizing a strong, well-developed franchise network of comprehensive community colleges just for kids ages 4 months to 5 years and 1st through 8th grades, Kid's Community College® is structured to benefit from the state university and community college model. Our efforts and resources are dedicated to providing top-rated care giving services coupled with high-quality, activity based, thematic learning environments tailored for the children in these age groups. The college responds to the needs of its students with excellent personalized instruction, utilizing a proprietary approach deep rooted in individual learning, offering diverse programs and developing integrated community partnerships.

The college maintains a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. Its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care, preparedness and education for their children. The college works to provide affordable care giving and tuition-free education by offering a broad range of programs, services and innovative learning approaches.

KCC directs its activities toward lifelong student success by answering the question, "By what means shall a student be most successful in life?"

It's Their Lives
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