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Senior - 4-5 Year Old Program

The crux of our Undergraduate Program, the Senior Program for four-year olds provides students the opportunity to clearly demonstrate what has been learned previously while adequately preparing students for the Graduate Program (kindergarten).

Students are provided numerous educational experiences and activities that further extend their learning. Reading, basic writing, technology use, music, foreign language, art, science, physical education and mathematics are an integral part of the school day. In the Senior Program, students are fully immersed in the Kindergarten curriculum. This allows them more familiarity, better preparation and gives them a head start on what will be expected of them. Early Success is The Key that Negates Later Remediation.

Cognitively, students will know basic shapes and colors. Students will also recognize letters and numbers by sight and sound. Students will have an extensive vocabulary. In addition, students curious about their environment and the academia will be nurtured by our Professors, allows for exploration of their environments and individual expression. Students are encouraged to be more self-sufficient and interact more socially with their classmates. Our Senior students have homework and parents are encouraged to assist their child with its completion. Kid's Community College® Professors are committed to successfully preparing students to successfully transition into kindergarten by meeting and exceeding the kindergarten readiness criteria of the State.

Kid's Community College® has documented an alarming success rate of our students transitioning into kindergarten. Our small, structured classes, advanced curriculum and supports, individualized instructional methodologies and respect for each student's specific learning modality has consistently provided for graduating Seniors that have a love of learning and are confident in their abilities.

Above all, we provide a warm, loving and nurturing learning environment where every student will celebrate diversity and feel happy and accepted. Our Professors create early educational experiences that nurture, encourage and foster learning by interacting with students in a loving and attentive fashion. The collaborative effort between and among Professors and parents is established from the onset of an student's tenure at Kid's Community College®. Students are assessed and an Individual Development and Education Plan (IDEP) is created for each child - setting personalized goals for each student based on their individual needs. The IDEP is updated regularly and planned parent conferences are scheduled quarterly to ensure that every area of your child's development is being addressed.

Program details...

  • NAC and NCA-CASI AdvancED Accredited Program
  • Credentialed or Degreed Classroom Professor
  • 1:8 Professor to Student Ratio (Max Class Size of 16 Students with 2 Professors)
  • Age-Appropriate Developmental Skills Checklist (Complete Quarterly)
  • Individual Development and Education Plan for Each Student
  • Loving, Nurturing Environment
  • Scientifically Based, Multiple Intelligence Influenced Curriculum
  • State Approved VPK Provider

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