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Enrichment Services

Kid's Community College® provides supplemental academic services to help student obtain academic mastery. The information below generally explains what enrichment services are; however, services provided are specific to the needs of each campus and the time of year that they may be provided:

What Are Enrichment Services?

The term "enrichment services" refers to extra help in academic subjects, such as reading, language arts and mathematics, provided free-of-charge to certain students. These services are provided outside the regular school day-before or after school, on weekends or in the summer.

Who Can Get These Services?

Generally, students identified through our assessment process as needing additional supports. This does not necessarily mean "low performing". In addition to providing extra help for lower performing students, many of our enrichment programs are provided to above average and gifted students, as well as those students that have specific interests such as robotics, Odyssey of the Mind, Art, Music, Performing Arts, etc.

How Will I Know If My Child Is Eligible?

Your child's professor or the school's instructional data analyst will notify you if your child is eligible for enrichment services. If you think your child may be eligible, but you have not been notified, check with your child's professor or the Principal for assistance.

What Can I Do To Best Support My Child's Education?

Be sure to attend parent-teacher conferences, parent organization meetings and other events at Kid's Community College®. You can get a lot of information, ideas and help from professors as well as from other parents.

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